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News from   A Memory Making Machine   Fishing is a singular activity. You can catch a fish with a hook and a worm, or you can spend thousands of dollars to get decked out from head to toe in the latest gear. No matter your style of fishing, you probably got hooked by spending a weekend out with your family. For me, I caught my first bass at eight years old. It was the biggest fish I had ever seen and almost broke my little beginner’s rod. It was my grandfather who set up my lure, taught me how to cast, and was … [Read More...]


  News from High school angler Hunter Keller understands his mom, Ashley, and dad, Dusty, need to live within the family’s financial means - but they’ve always done all they can to support Hunter’s love of competitive bass fishing. Rather than buy a pricey fiberglass boat, they chose a tough 18-foot aluminum boat powered by a 115-horsepower Yamaha V MAX SHO®. It’s a decision that recently paid back $10,000 in Yamaha Power Pay contingency money after Hunter’s dad, Dusty, registered for the Yamaha Power Pay … [Read More...]

Sunny With a 100% Chance of Fun!

  News from Why I’m a Pontoon Guy   When I was young, summertime was spent on the bay on my grandfather’s pontoon boat. It was the perfect platform for everyone in the family. My grandmother could sit on the forward lounger and read in the sun. My cousins, sisters and I could all fish off the bow and stern decks. The youngest members of the family could fight between, “Go faster!” and “Slow down!”. At the time, a few decades ago, pontoons weren’t as mainstream or as luxurious as they are today. The most recent … [Read More...]


  News from   Ultimate Addition to Your Wardrobe is here! Whether looking for warmth, beauty or that “one thing” you’ve been missing in your wardrobe, look no further than the Yooneek Women’s Shawl that was made to fulfill these needs and so much more! Available in black or gray, Yooneek’s shawl is unlike any you’ve worn before. Not only is it a perfect match with the jeans, leggings, or boots that you love to wear in these colder temperatures, but it is also made from the most unique fabric on the … [Read More...]

Yooneek’s FIR-SKIN T+ WOMEN’S ENHANCED LEGGINGS are absolutely delightful!

  News from   Perfect for When the Weather Outside is Frightful   Exercising, yoga, running, hiking, and outdoor sports, you name it, Yooneek’s Women’s Enhanced Leggings are what you have been looking for all this time. Yooneek Womens FIR-SKIN T+ Women’s Enhanced Leggings are more than unique! Designed for active women who enjoy exercising, keep in shape, and venturing outside, Yooneek has created the perfect leggings to meet all of your specific needs. Plus, when the weather is cold outside, these … [Read More...]

Yooneek’s New Soft – Sided Reel Case

  News from An affordable, safe and secure way to protect your fishing reels Yooneek has designed the perfect reel case to protect your favorite fishing reels safe, secure, and organized. You have invested in your favorite fishing reels, and Yooneek has the perfect reel case to protect your favorite tools for your fishing passions. Perfect for traveling to new waters, gear bags, carry-on luggage, and in boat storage. Do not let dirt, grime, or dings hurt the performance of your fishing reels before the big bite … [Read More...]

Walters Never Expected to Catch So Many Bass at Lake Fork

  News from Yamaha Pro Uses Jerkbait To Bring In Amazing 104-12 Total In what some thought might be one of the toughest tournaments of the 2020 Bassmaster® Elite Series, the year’s final event at Lake Fork in November, Patrick Walters won with an astounding total of 104 pounds, 12 ounces, almost 30 pounds more than his nearest competitor, and the Yamaha Pro still isn’t sure how or why it happened. “I never realized I was going to catch what I did,” admits Walters. “When B.A.S.S.® rescheduled the tournament I … [Read More...]

Simplify winter bass fishing with these tips

  News from   By Sam Rutherford Mark Menendez calls winter a favorite time to go bass fishing for one reason. It’s simpler than any other time of the year. “It’s all about location, location, location,” says the Skeeter Boats pro team angler from western Kentucky. “The metabolism of a bass is slower than any other season, meaning the fish will not go very far to feed.” Menendez, also a Bassmaster Elite Series pro, finds that wintertime bass go vertical when it comes times to feed. They simply move … [Read More...]

Bass pro-Brandon Palaniuk’s banner year

  News from By Sam Rutherford   Brandon Palaniuk made his first year back to the Bassmaster® Elite Series count in a big way, with a twofer of highly coveted Bassmaster® Elite Series wins during the 2020 season of the sport's premier bass fishing league. The Skeeter Boats pro scored the first win in August on Lake Champlain in New York, and then he followed back up with a second victory in October at the Santee Cooper lakes in South Carolina. He earned $100,000 for each win and was the only pro to win two … [Read More...]



Get Outdoors & De-Stress with Mother Nature

  By Amy Lignor Yes, the pandemic came upon us and threw us all for a loop. Panic began; fear occurred, yet Mother Nature is still running, and it is most definitely time to get back outside. With fall almost upon us, the colors of the leaves, the cooler air, and the vibrant surroundings will have hikers, backpackers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts galore rushing out their doors in order to shake off the bad stuff and have a good … [Read More...]

Take Stock Now to Enjoy Autumn in the Great Outdoors!

  By Amy Lignor One of the smartest things to do to really enjoy the upcoming camping trips and hikes you’re planning during the fall months is to make a list and check it twice. Like all ‘scouts’ who understand that preparation is key, we know that having the necessary supplies and equipment will make a huge difference when it comes to your overall experience in the Great Outdoors. Putting together the perfect checklist is the best … [Read More...]

Backpackers First Aid Kit: Don’t Forget the Moleskin!

  Although some parts of the country right now are hot enough to fry eggs on the sidewalk, there are also some glorious locales with cooler temperatures, scenic views, perfect fishing holes, and paths to walk that will transport you through some of the most idyllic places in the country. However, as all good backpackers will tell you if you're headed into Mother Nature, make sure you’re always carrying a prepackaged first-aid kit or one … [Read More...]



CFP Championship Game Pits Upstart Coach Against Wily Veteran

  CFP Championship Game Pits Upstart Coach Against Wily Veteran By Burt Carey Clemson Tigers head football coach Dabo Swinney cut his teeth on the collegiate game in Alabama, playing wide receiver for the Crimson Tide during its 1992 national championship season. He even coached at Alabama as an assistant. Now Swinney faces not only his alma mater but a wily head coach in Nick Saban, who’s led three Crimson Tide teams to national … [Read More...]

The Regular Season Finale of the NFL Held Surprises

  The Regular Season Finale of the NFL Held Surprises by Amy Lignor   There were few games left to play in the regular season that held massive power. The Minnesota Vikings versus the Green Bay Packers for the division title was one. The other came from the snow-filled skies of Buffalo where the Jets had a chance to see the post-season after a very long time of being shut out. Most other games were played to be granted a bye or, … [Read More...]

Cal’s Jared Goff Breaks Pac-12 Passing, TD Records

  Cal’s Jared Goff Breaks Pac-12 Passing, TD Records By Burt Carey Quarterback Jared Goff threw for six touchdowns and 467 yards to lead the California Bears past Air Force 55-36 in the Armed Forces Bowl Tuesday at Amon G. Carter Stadium in Fort Worth, Texas. What a way for a college quarterback to punch his ticket into the NFL, if that’s what the junior signal caller chooses to do. You can bet there were plenty of NFL scouts … [Read More...]

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MITCHELL 300: The Next Generation

French engineer Maurice Jacquemin set out to design a fishing reel that could cast longer and recover line without tangling. That was a tall order back in the late ‘30s early ‘40s, when spinning reels as they are known today didn’t even exist. Jacquemin spent two years developing the unique invention to meet his high expectations. He succeeded in designing what would become the world’s first spinning reel the MITCHELL, which later became known … [Read More...]

Gallatin River Fishing Report – Sat, Sep 28th

  Fishing has been very good on the Gallatin the last couple of days. White and yellow streamers were killing it in the valley this morning. Nymphing has been very productive with stonefly, mayfly and sculpin patterns. There was some good dry fly fishing with baetis up around Big Sky yesterday with fish eating bwo emerger, dun and cripple patterns. Posted by Charlie on Sep 28, 2013 | Gallatin River Fly Recommendations White … [Read More...]



You deserve to be Yooneek!

  News from By Amy Lignor Yooneek’s Full Fingered FIR SKIN T+ Full Fingered Gloves Warms without Bulk! If you are looking for the perfect full-fingered glove for year-round use and as a superior glove liner in the harshest of conditions, then look no further than Yooneek! Perfect for men and women, Yooneek’s FIR-Skin T+ Full Fingered Glove is not only the perfect cold-weather glove liner for hunting, fishing, … [Read More...]

Don’t Hurt Yourself Before the Work-Out Begins

  By Amy Lignor It’s a common understanding that stretching is necessary before heading into that ultimate work-out that causes the sweat to run, the pounds to be lost, and the muscles to become firmer. An important fact that has become overlooked is that when stretching, there are ways to make errors that end up hurting your body way before the “hard-stuff” begins. You most likely have a regimen that you like, whether it be running … [Read More...]



Time Flies! Plan Your Deer Camp

  Time Flies! Plan Your Deer Camp Maintenance Now   Even though the warming temperatures are telling you otherwise, it’s never a good idea to file away the “jobs” that come with maintaining your favorite hunting camp. In fact, now is the best time of year to make that ‘to-do’ list instead of allowing the subject to be forgotten entirely. Why? Because before you know it, the leaves will be changing colors, the air will turn crisp, … [Read More...]

“Spring Thunder” Approaches!

   Don’t make this common mistake as the “Spring Thunder” Approaches! by Amy Lignor No doubt, there is an endless amount of advice, information, and opinions when it comes to turkey hunting. This wealth of knowledge also includes the thousands of websites, videos, and more offering tips to consider when gearing up for the “Spring Thunder” of gobblers. Oddly enough, however, there’s still a common mistake that is made too often. … [Read More...]